Specialty Products

Speciality products are product enhancers to our main products.  These can be added to or used in conjunction with other products.

In the acrylic stain world the word “Medium” is an extender to keep the color open longer and allow you to manipulate the product and blend it and more it around.  Our mediums do the same thing.  If you try to blend to Color Concentrates on bisque it is not easy to do, but if you add a “Medium” to it, it becomes blendable.

  • Add CSP01 Gloss Medium to any Color Concentrate and create a non-moving colored gloss glaze like a (Concept, Stroke-n-Coat, Fun Stroke, Florentine, etc.).
  • Add CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium to any Color Concentrate and this will make that color more opaque for design work.
  • Add CSP03 Matt Medium to any Color Concentrate and you have made the color more opaque and it is a colored matt glaze.
  • Clay Dimensions is our piping product that is available in black and white (netural).  It can be tinted with Color Concentrates.  It can be applied to bisque or greenware.  It can be colored over with Color Concenterates or Color Strokes and then glazed over.
  • Our Flow products can be used on top of glazes or in between glazes for decorative finishes.
  • Our Relief Motif has a firing range from “015”  to “6”.  It is a white textured stand up glaze that can be tinted with Color Concentrates, Color Strokes and Glass Colors.  It can be colored and shaded on top of.  It should be used on a matt surface and it is not recommended for food surfaces and should not be glazed over.
  • Our White Foam is a fired snow product.  It can be used to create textured design and carved through also.
  • The Textured Sand can be added to our matt medium and tinted for a textured build-up design.

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