Designer Lava Stone Glazes

(Textured Matt Glazes)

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What is Designer Lava Stone Glazes?

The Lava Stone Colors are a Non-Toxic textured glaze.  Available in 4-oz., 8-oz., pints and gallons.  There are 10 colors available.

Application:  When applying Lava Stones you should apply each coat as smoothly as possible.  Apply coats in the same direction.  Do not cross-hatch strokes.  These glazed can be sponged on also.  These are matt glazes and they do not move, therefore any drips runs, etc. will show in firing.  Brush on 3-4 coats in one direction.

Color Strokes are recommended as a base color under Lava Stones to change the color of the glaze slightly.  The color that is under them will show through when the craters open up instead of showing bisque if only the glaze is applied.

Firing Range:  Cone 06 Earthenware to cone 5-6 Stoneware

Best finished results are obtained when you fire as follows:

· Manual Kiln Sitter: Place a cone 05 1/2 or cone 06 in the sitter.

· Computer Controller Kiln: 06 program with a 20-minute hold at the end of the cycle.

Majolica work:  Can be used under design work as base glaze.  Remember that the glaze is textured and this will affect your design.

Apply 3-4 smooth and even coats on ware.  Color Concentrates and Color Strokes can be applied over these glazes.  They will be matt in finish unless you add CSP01 Gloss Medium for a glossy look to stroke work.

CSP70 Relief Motif can be used for build-up design work on top of these glazes on greenware, bisque, or on top of the glaze fired to 06.  If the glaze has been fired already you will do design work with Relief Motif and re-fire to cone 06.

Below are color chips.  Other information can be found in our product manual.