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What is Designer Glaze Medium?

 In recent years products have been developed for the purposes of decorating on bisque.  You will find them under many trade names and the term “underglaze for bisque”  is usually the descriptive use.  While there may be variations in formulas, the resulting product is firing pigment in a glaze base and sometimes an opacifier is added.  CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium is a glaze medium that has an opacifier added.

It is totally non-toxic alone or when added to any color concentrate.  Blending CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium into any Color Concentrate will create an outstanding “designed for bisque” underglaze color.  The application is smooth and flowing.  It can be used as a one-stroke, solid coverage, and watercolor effects.

Transform any color concentrate into a designer underglaze for the artwork which applies like silk.

Blending 1/4 part Designer Glaze Medium with a full part of color concentrate will result in a product that glides on like silk for brushwork and pattern blocking.  Refer to blends in the product manual.  Apply 2 coats of CSP01 NT Clear glaze or a transparent glaze.

Mix equal amounts of Designer Glaze Medium and Color Concentrate for a more intense colored opaque gloss glaze.  This mix can be used for design and stroke work also or can be applied as an opaque gloss glaze with 2-3 coats.

Color Concentrate strokes enhanced with Designer Glaze Medium for application on bisque.   While you can accomplish brushstrokes and solid pattern blocking coverage with color concentrate straight, they still are a transparent underglaze and the benefits of adding a bit of CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium are many.


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