Low-Fire/No-Fire Piping Paste


This paste can be used on many different surfaces which include:

  • paper
  • glass
  • fired underglaze
  • fired glazes including gloss and matt. 

White and Black colors are available.  The maximum temperature is 1500o degrees.

Piping Paste can be put in a pastry bag or small squeeze bottles with different size tips to dispense.  Patterns can be freehanded or can be transferred to the ceramic surface using Saral transfer paper.  Saral is a chalk-based transfer paper and can be found in sheets or on a roll at craft stores.

The piping paste dries very fast.  When using a brush to create texture and shape of petals, leaves, etc. you will need to make sure that you put GM-300 Glass Medium into the brush before using it with paste.  With fingers, gently press out the excess medium and flatten the hairs to look like a square shader. The glass medium helps remove the paste and aids you in creating a soft look to the strokes on petals and leaves.  If the brush has too much glass medium in it the paste will get too wet and run.  After each leaf or petal wipe off excess paste on paper towel then re-apply the glass medium before doing your next stroke.

The piping paste will cure after 24 hours and does not need to be fired.  For a more durable surface, it is recommended that you fire to witness cone 015-016.  The paste can be tinted with glass colors before piping.  Glass colors can also be used to paint over the piping paste.

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