Capped (Recommended)
Design on clear, capped with clear.

Design on clear backed with white glass and sifted over.

Brushstroke and Quill Pen work!


“DZ Series” De-Zigner products are a non-enamel product.  They are a pure pigment powder that can be mixed with GM-300 Glass Medium or clove oil, as well as other oils.  There are 15 colors available that were designed to be fused between two layers of glass.

These colors are design or artist dependent, meaning that the product can be used in multiple ways.  Available in 1/2 oz. (14 grams Sampler Pack) or 1 oz. (28 gram) bags. 

  • It can be used on any COE glass.
  • Firing range 1425-1550. Full fuse is recommended.
  • Mix equal parts with GM300 Glass Medium or can be used thinner to an ink consistency for pen and detail work. Keep mixed up as the color pigment tends to settle. We recommend mixing in shallow glass jars (available on the CFE website).
  • Must be capped to be food-safe when applied directly on glass with either another piece of glass or sifted over. If applied heavy, sifting may require 2 applications and firings.  Sifting between the glass is recommended to help eliminate bubbles.
  • If NOT capped the De-Zigners can be wiped off with the touch of your finger.
  • You can fire and set the De-Zigners at 1325 and then cap if desired. Be careful not to touch as they can wipe off with the touch of your finger.
  • Examples shown here are on white glass capped with clear or colored transparent glass.
  • It can be tinned with water or glass medium after mixing with glass medium for fine lines and watercolor techniques.
  • It can be intermixed with each other to achieve another color.
  • It can be reconstituted with GM-300 Glass Medium or water.
  • Use a Quill Pen or liner brush to do fine detail or Zen tangle type designs.
  • Use a brush to do brushstrokes.
  • Multiple layers can be added when doing brushstrokes and one color will cover another in most cases. NOTE: The more layers you put on there are more chances for bubbles.
  • The darker the color the stronger the pigment and these can be thinned 3 parts medium to 1 part color and still have strong color.
  • Shade on top of dry enamel with Sumi brush.
  • Design on top of an enamel/layering mix pour.
  • Tint the Low-Fire/No-Fire Piping Paste. Use dry color to add to the white paste.  Remember when you add color to white you will get a lighter/pastel color.
  • Mixed color can be stored in glass jars for weeks at a time. Stir and add glass medium to reconstitute.


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