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What is Clay Dimensions?

Clay Dimensions is a slip based product that has glazes and adhesives in it to allow it to adhere to greenware, bisque or on top of a non-moving glaze.  It is available in Neutral (White) or Black.   More commonly known as Piping Slip.  Fire to cone 06 to Stoneware/Porcelain cone 6.

Coloring Clay Dimensions:

Neutral (White) Clay Dimensions can be colored or tinted with any Color Concentrate.  Take out a small amount on to a glazed tile and add 5-6 drops of Color Concentrate.  Mix with palette knife.  What you see is what you get as far as coloring goes.

You are adding color to a white slip based product, therefore it is going to tone the color down.  Start with a darker shade of blue to achieve a light blue clay dimensions.  Remember these are transparent underglazes that you are tinting with, therefore you will not be able to achieve a red dimensional product due to the transparent nature of the color red.

Never mix more than equal parts of Clay Dimension and Color Concentrate.  If you do you will break down the stand-up capability of the product.

 What to know about Clay Dimensions:

Can be painted over as soon as it is dry.  This could be 5-10 minutes.  Never force dry, this could cause cracking.  If you live in a very dry area, misting may be required to the area prior to and during application to prevent cracking.

Neutral (White) Clay Dimensions will take on a hint or Hue of what ever color glaze/product you put over it.  Remember it is slip based, therefore it will absorb some of the product you put on top of it.

Black Clay Dimensions will stay black unless you use an opaque color over it.  Example would be CFE Color Strokes (CS’s).  They are opaque when 3-4 coats are applied; therefore, if using them on top of Black Clay Dimensions they will tend to block out the piping.

How to Apply:

Clay Dimensions can be placed in a small bottle with tip and squeezed out for fine lines or you can use the CFE Gizmo decorating tool.  The Gizmo is a writing pen that is powered by a small compressor that is specifically calibrated for the pen.  You have tubes that you fill with clay dimensions or any other product to help in the application of lines, dots, etc.  Line thickness can be adjusted by changing the size tip or by adjusting the airflow with the attached regulator.  Both bottles and gizmo can be purchased from Colors for Earth or any CFE dealers/teachers.



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