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What is White Foam?

It is a specialty product that is white in color and foams up when fired.

White Foam is a product that is used to create a snow-like texture. It can be applied over unfired glazes to create snow on Christmas trees and other items.

It can also be used to create texture between coats of raku glazes.

A turquoise rock effect can also be achieved. This technique is done on greenware.

 : Mix CC151 Cerulean Blue/CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium 50/50. With a small fan, brush apply one coat to the area that will be the turquoise rock. DO NOT apply this to the bottom of greenware pieces. Next, apply 1 coat of CGE564 Mountain Spruce with small fan brush over the same area.

With a small fan brush, apply 4 coats of CSP42 White Foam (Snow) over the same area. Allow drying between coats. DO NOT force this dry or it will crack.

Carving of Turquoise Rocks: Mist with water a small section at a time that you will be carving. The White Foam needs to be a little moist to carve. With wire loop tool carve out rock shape areas as shown on the photo to the right. With a brush that is dry, dust away the crumbs. You should carve out from one line to help eliminate the chipping of the product. Continue around your piece until finished.

Create a washout of CGE564 Mountain Spruce and with medium Sumi brush pat this all over the same area on top of the White Foam. This wash will go down in the carved areas as well as all over the rock shapes you have carved. Apply a second coat here and there for some darker areas.

The White Foam pulls the blues out of the Mountain Spruce and helps create the turquoise stone look. With liner brush and CC151 Cerulean Blue/CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium apply 2 coats between the turquoise rock carving.

Firing: If White Foam is near the bottom of piece stilt and fire to witness cone 05. Yes, stilt the greenware so that when the White Foam expands and puffs up it doesn’t stick to your kiln shelf. It is very important that this piece is fired to 05 so that the turquoise rook will work properly.

Glazing: With a liner brush apply 2 coats of CG900 Clear Brushing glaze to the cracks in between the turquoise rock. This will seal those areas and should you choose to add fired gold in those areas it will have the glaze on them and ready to go. Stilt and fire to witness cone 06 with 20-minute hold, or for manual kilns, fire to witness cone 05 1/2, which can be special ordered from manufacturer or distributor.

Gold (Optional): With a liner brush dedicated to gold apply 1 coat of Fired Gold to carved areas around the turquoise rock. The gold can be applied to all carved lines is desired. This is an optional step. Fire to witness cone 018.

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