Potters Stone

CGE590 Potters Stone Buff
(Specked Matt Glaze)

   Floral Repeat

What is Potters Stone Buff?

A Perfect Base for blending new colors of Potters Stone.

Blending new colors with Potters Stone Buff is so easy and the results range from soft muted stone colors to dramatic “brights”. It simply depends on the amount of Color Concentrate (pigments) you decide to add to the blend. Follow the simple blending and measuring guidelines in our product manual.

Your results: This glaze consistently performs trouble-free when application directions are followed. The application
should be 3-4 flowing coats applied with a soft goat hair fan brush. When applying Potters Stone Buff glaze over
very dark colors, such as black, dark blue, dark green that has been blocked in as solid coverage, milking may occur.  (hence the name buff)

Majolica work:  Can be used under design work as a base glaze.

Apply 3-4 smooth and even coats on ware and condition colors with CSP03 Matt Medium for pattern work.  Matt Medium is used because of working on a matt surface.  Poinsettia Pitcher above is a Majolica project.

Firing:  On Stoneware/Porcelain cone 6 firing, not all of the colored blends will hold and you will obtain a clear speck matt glaze. Always run a color test check firing on colors at high fire. The specks tend to become larger and the glaze will move some.

Best finished results are obtained when you fire as follows:

· Manual Kiln Sitter: Place a cone 05 in the sitter.

· Computer Controller Kiln: 06 program with a 20-minute hold at the end of the cycle.

What Happened?

As noted this glaze is virtually trouble-free. However, if your ware comes out of the kiln “Dry” (a rough surface) there are 2 causes.

· Glaze application was light, and you need to go to the 4 coat application.

· Your 06 witness cone in the kiln did not reach maturity.

Below are some blends.  Other color combinations can be found in the product manual.

Baked Potato 4 parts PSB to 1 part CC181 Flecked with a mix of muted and defined specks on a russet-colored background. Self-shading, and perfect for potato-shaped ware.
BriarRoseChip.gif (3072 bytes)
Briar Rose 4 parts PSB to 1 part CC131 The specks defuse and mottle leaving a rich dusty mauve rose. The fired surface appears polish. Very Pretty!

Celery & Seeds 4 parts PSB to 1 part CC160 A beautiful bright crisp green with pronounced specks.  Matt; semi-transparent.

Robbins Egg 4 parts PSB to 1 part CC151 Robbins Egg. A deep rich Cyan blue. Specks vary in size. A perfect color for planters, fountains bottoms anything outdoors.