Red Flower Glass Dish

The demonstrations show how to do brushstrokes with the De-Zigner products! Click here for the pattern .Red Flower Glass Dish Pattern’ Video will be linked after the Live. Firing Schedule   DZ Series” De-Zigner products are a non-enamel product.  They are a pure pigment powder that can be mixed with GM-300 Glass Medium or clove Read more »

Resist Jewelry

This technique is done on 96 COE Opal  Black glass. 2 pieces 1 1/2” x 2” of thin black are recommended. Click below to download a PDF file that has patterns, instructions, and photos! Resist Jewelry 2021   CFE Glass Enamel Colors/Products Any color combination can be used. Etchall Resist Gel Brushes    455-1 CFE Read more »