Poinsettia Glass Plate

Basic CFE glass enamel application Working with G Series and GS Series (Sparkles) Using GO-331 Black Outline This has shading on top of the dry enamels with Color Concentrates. Done on float/window glass but can be done on any glass.   Click here to download the full technique packet and pattern! PoinsettiaGlassPDF      

Jamaison Schuler Decals with CFE

Jamaison Schuler Decals with Colors for Earth Products! Decals were set fired with the following schedule. 400/1059/10 9999/1150/10 9999/950/30 333/700/1   Then painted on top. Sifted clear powdered frit heavily. 2nd firing schedule (96 coe) edges sealed and a nice fuse.   80/185/20 185/400/15 250/700/15 1000/1400/20 9999/950/69 100/700/1   Color Concentrates   De-Zigners     Read more »

Resist Jewelry

This technique is done on 96 COE Opal  Black glass. 2 pieces 1 1/2” x 2” of thin black are recommended. Click below to download a PDF file that has patterns, instructions, and photos! Resist Jewelry 2021   CFE Glass Enamel Colors/Products Any color combination can be used. Etchall Resist Gel Brushes    455-1 CFE Read more »