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  • It is clear in value.
  • It doesn’t flow during firing.
  • The firing range is cone 04-cone 6.
  • The CSP01 Gloss Medium is used as a product enhancer with the CFE Color System.
  • Non-Toxic Gloss Glaze. When brushing glaze on, apply 2 smooth coats.
  • You will see your colors through the glaze.  
  • If you are unsure if you have 2 coats on you can add a drop of food coloring in the second coat and then you will be able to tell where you have applied the glaze.  The food coloring will fire out in the kiln.
  • Create a dipping glaze We don’t believe in selling you water. We have 5 gallon bucket of glaze that you will add 1 gallon, 4 ounces of distilled water. This gives you 6 gallons of glaze for the cost of 5 gallons. We want you to get more for your money. The glaze does not have build up in dipping tanks. When dry it has a nice hard surface that does not leave a chalky finish when handling.
  • Characteristics: When switching from leaded clear to lead-free clear glaze you will have to make some adjustments in the way you glaze your pieces.
  • When brushing or dipping with this glaze you need to take care not to leave areas puddle in crevices, drips or runs. This will cause milking of the glaze. Non-Toxic glazes do not move in the firing and care needs to be taken when glazing.
  • Use a small soft fan and brush out any heavy areas.
  • Our glaze will not yellow.
  • Our glazes are formulated for Colors for Earth products. It is not recommended that you use our glaze over other color lines. You may see a difference in pinks, purples, and red.
  • When you add any Color Concentrate to the Gloss Medium you have created a colored non-moving gloss glaze and are in control of the color intensity. Depending on the ratio of Color Concentrate to Gloss Medium the technical application may vary.
  • CSP01 is perfect to create the popular “Made for Bisque Glazes Strokes.” The blend is 1 part color to 1 part Gloss Medium for a high pigment detailed glaze with very smooth brush ability. These blends can be used for brushwork, glaze layering/blending or color blocking on 04 bisque which is then covered with 2 coats of CSP01 glaze and fired to cone 06 with a 20-minute hold.NOTE: In “Decorative Painting” the word “Medium” is a product that when added to an acrylic stain it will keep the color open longer to allow for shading and blending. In the CFE line this can be thought of in the same way.
  • You can add it to a color and it will extend the drying time to allow you to glaze layer and blend with ease or block in an area without struggling for solid coverage.
  • If you were to use the color concentrates on bisque without adding the medium they will absorb quickly and show strokes and it is hard to correct a mistake.
  • How to correct an error on bisque? If a mistake is made on bisque you can allow the color to dry and erase it off with either a typewriter eraser or a pencil eraser. Darker colors may stain bisque.
  • CSP01 Gloss Medium can be used as a base for creating a color gloss glaze. The typical blend ratio is 2 parts Gloss Glaze Medium to 1 part Color Concentrate. This creates a 3 to 4 coat gloss glaze. Fire to witness cone 06 with a 20-minute hold. Blend examples can be found in the product manual page.
  • It contains frit, as well as other oxides and has been refined and ball milled for a smooth blend and brush consistency. 

High Fire Uses:

  • Use over color concentrate design work as a high fire clear glaze on greenware. Fire to cone 6. One fire decorating.
  • Mix with color concentrates 50/50 with gloss medium and block in areas on greenware with at least 2 coats and fire to Cone 6 for a high gloss glazed finished. No glaze is required when using this method of application because you have added the glaze to the color.
  • On porcelain bisque (Cone 6) you can use a 50/50 mix and apply design allowing each coat to dry thoroughly. And then fire to a Cone 06 to mature the color. This will give you a china painted look. The more coats or how heavy the color is applied will determine how much gloss the design work will have. Example: Stipple on the mix for a background. This will also give a tooth to the piece to help with color application. The porcelain bisque does not absorb the color it just sits on the surface and therefore takes longer to dry. Then do brushwork with a 50/50 mix. 

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