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What is White Drape?

It is a specialty product that is white in color and flows in the firing.

White Drape can be applied over a colored glaze for spill/drip effects.  When doing so you would need to apply 2 coats in the area of choice with a brush or with tip adaptor on 2 oz. squeeze bottle.  The 2 oz. size bottles are sold with a cap and tip accessory included.

It can be used in conjunction with CSP41 Flowing Art.  It is recommended that you use the Flowing Art under the White Drape for a more open or lacy effect.  The Flowing Art moves in the firing also.

Suggested Uses:  Choose a piece of ware that is upright where the product has room to move and gravity to help the flow.

  1. Apply 2-3 coats of a colored glaze from the CFE glaze line. This is a base glaze to start your pattern and can be applied all over the piece or in parts.  Refer to techniques on web site for items shown on this page.
  2. With a brush or tip/bottle apply a design or drip pattern at the top of ware. White Drape will move, flow and separate depending on the color of glaze it is applied over.It can change color from white to other colors.

    Stay 1-2 inches away from the bottom of ware.

    (Example shown here is CGE552 Deep Cerulean Glaze with CSP40 White Drape at the top in a drip pattern.  The White Drape turned a brown tint.  Refer to example.

    This is a chemical reaction and color combinations should be tested before going to ware.)

  3. Other colored glazes can be applied over the White Drape to create a special glaze
    effect. It will open up more for a lacy pattern and move more in the firing.


Stilt and fire to witness cone 06.  If unsure about the movement of the white drape, put a bisque tile or a broken piece of the shelf under the piece you are firing to protect your shelf from drips.


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