Dupli-cates (stamps) are decorating Tools for creating patterns on ceramics.  These tools are made from the same materials that rubber art stamps are created from, however there is a difference.!!

Finished ware Producers “Duplicates” are NOT copyrighted designs as art stamps are, meaning you CAN and are welcome to create ware using Dupli-cates and sell the finished item.  Art Stamps (available in craft stores) are copyrighted and any ware you finish using them can not be sold, as it would be an infringement on the artists copy right.  Dupli-cates for repeating backgrounds, are designed to create intricate impressions on bisque.  The size is key, so that when making your impression on a rounded or sloping surface of ware, that the amount of pivot to capture the whole impression is minimal.  The ability to nest pepeats is critical in the design element.  Scrolling and flowing of a pattern produces an effect that is far superior than a single element.

Holly stamps featured on bisque by in CCSA Winter 2008 Magazine!

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Background of tile is stamped with Posie Scroll stamp and then leaves are painted in to make solid color!


Flowers are created with Cabbage Rose Set of stamps.