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CSP03 Matt Medium NT (Clear)


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Firing Range is Cone 6 Porcelain/Stoneware to a cone 05-06 Earthenware.

What Is Matt Medium Used For ?

In the CFE Color System it can be used as a clear matt finish over design work.

This base is non toxic and creates a food safe finish. Use it when ever you need a clear matt finish over design work.

It is perfect as a base glaze for Majolica Work (working on top of an un-fired matt, satin or non-moving glaze with translucent underglazes).

It can be used as a base for creating tinted transparent matt glazes.

It can be used as a base for creating color opaque matt glazes.

Intense Matt Finishes are mixed equal parts matt medium and color concentrates.  See Jewel Tone Satins blends on next page.  Not all colors can be blended with equal parts, exceptions are CC101, CC140, CC125, and CC162.  These colors will be rough due to the minerals and oxides in each color.  These colors require more matt medium to obtain a smoother finish.  Testing is recommended.

Special Uses: In up coming Artist Techniques and Classes you will find reference to using CSP03 in many techniques, the effects are outstanding.

CSP03 can be used as a carrier for Color Concentrates (referred to as conditioning the CC’s) when working on top

of a base of CSP03. A drop added to the CC’s on your palette, will create a wonderful brushing product for creating


CSP03 can be layered and carved also.


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in


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