CGE591-CGE595 Trend Stone Glazes
(Colored Specked Matt Glaze)

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These are being discontinued from our line.  When we are sold out there will be no more made.

What is Trend Stone Glazes?

The Trend Stone Colors are a Non-Toxic and Food Safe Speckled Matt Glaze.  Available  in 4-oz., pints and gallons.  They are like the Potters Stone Buff glaze but they are tinted with color.  There are 5 colors available.

Application:  When applying Trend Stones you should apply each coat as smooth as possible.  Apply coats in same direction.  Do not cross hatch strokes.  These are matt glazes and they do not move, therefore any drips runs, etc. will show in firing.  Brush on 3-4 coats in one direction.  Colors can be layered on top of each other as shown here.

Diffusion:  Diffuse Trend Stone colors by adding CG900 Clear Brushing Glaze or CSP01 Gloss Medium on top.  As shown on pattern and line work examples where color is lighter.

Firing Range:  Cone 06 Earthenware

Best finished results are obtained when you fire as follows:

· Manual Kiln Sitter: Place a cone 05 in the sitter.

· Computer Controller Kiln: 06 program with a 20 minute hold at the end of the cycle.

What Happened?

As noted this glaze is virtually trouble free. However, if your ware comes out of the kiln “Dry” (a rough surface) there are 2 causes.

· Glaze application was light, and you need to go to the 4 coat application.

· Your 06 witness cone in the kiln did not reach maturity.

Majolica work:  Can be used under design work as base glaze.

Apply 3-4 smooth and even coats on ware and condition colors with CSP03 Matt Medium for pattern work.  Matt Medium is used because of working on a matt surface.  Poinsettia Pitcher above is a Majolica project.

Below are color chips.  Other information can be found in our product manual.

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