Is your interest glass, ceramics, pottery?  Enjoy the art of firing using your own tabletop kiln. Great for the small studio or traveling teacher.

Plug into any wall outlet.. and fire away in the 12 x 12 x 8 1/2″ chamber..

Custom Manufactured for Colors for Earth by leading Kiln manufacturer Paragon.

New CFE Raku and Glass Kiln by Paragon.   Fires up to 1830°F in 1-2 hours.  Raku pots are ready to pull in no time.  Maximum temperature is  2000°F.  This kiln is popular with CFE Studios and seminar teachers because it fires fast, plugs into a standard 120 volt household outlet, ships by UPS.

It fires automatically at the rate and temperature you enter. A large, brightly lit display prompts for firing rate, temperature and hold time. Use the hold feature to automatically hold the temperature at 1830°F while doing multiple loads of Raku pots.

The high-tech ceramic fiber firing chamber is wrapped in a steel inner case. The outer steel case remains cool due to the layer of air between it and the inner case. In addition, the case is slotted for air circulation. Electrical components, located in the base, stay cool even at extended hold times.

The fast-firing element is embedded in the firing chamber shell. This kiln heats from the sides and back. 

– On/off safety switch
– Built-in base; no extra stand needed.
– Inside Capacity 12″ x 12″ x 8 1/2″
– Door opens 180 degrees for easy loading.
– 5 Speed Glass Programs and 4 Open Programs
  for Raku, Ceramic, etc.
– 2″ Ceramic Fiber Walls.
– The case is slotted for air circulation.
– Plugs into Standard 120 volt household outlet,
  20 Amp breaker required.
– 15 Amps
– Electrical components in the base stay cool
  even at extended hold times.
– The embedded element heats from the two
   sides and back.

Retail Price $1, 499.00
Plus Shipping
$100.00 Raku or Glass Paint FREE with Purchase!!


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