Color Concentrates on Fused Glass

If you have purchased our glass enamels you can ask to be a part of our closed group “CFE Glass Color Artist”.

Inside that group, I have uploaded video files and the PDF files that were on our live webinar.  Go to “files or videos” and then there is a folder that is “Color Concentrates on Fused Glass”  These are for you to view.  Files can not be shared from a closed group.  So please do NOT try to share them or you will be removed from the group.  We feel that those of you that have purchased our product deserve some extra education and freebies.

Some of the files below may take a moment to download because of the size.

CC’s on Glass Overview

CC’s on Thinfire Overview

CC Stencil Overview

Paula McCoy CC Chart on Glass

CC Webinar Intro

Paula’s Suggested Firing Schedules

Color Concentrate Color Chart