BubbleART Glass Enamels

Facts about BubbleART!

This photo is a piece that I did and fired in the same kiln, at the same time. The bottom photo is the piece that was on the bottom of the kiln and the other on the top. Same technique, other than I didn’t put the other color on the other section. The point is, that when you are firing BubbleART colors they are meant to go to a full fuse but we have tested some technique-specific things that are done at different temps.

I have found that BA5051 Cerulean Blue (shown here) if not fired hot enough will be a grey/blue not the pretty Cerulean blue in the top photo. These were fired to 1390 in a fiber kiln. It was a Paragon Home Artist and I had a full shelf in it. So the bottom was cooler, and the top was hotter. So when you start playing with the temps that you are firing too you may not get a MATURE color. The color charts we put out are pretty close as paper can get to the actual color. NOTE: If you just re-fire 10 degrees hotter it generally matures.

We have stated that all the colors need to go to a full fuse but a minimum of 1380/1390. Every kiln is different and I would recommend testing especially the BubbleART colors before doing a large piece and find out what the lowest temperature in your kiln is.

Remember that just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another. You may have more than one kiln and they fire differently. So take good firing notes on your results.

So, if you are using the BubbleART colors I would full fuse and then come back and add other components to your design and tack or contour fuse.

Also, the colors are not what they are in the jars like the “G” series. There are 3 different colors that all look gold in the jar but fire totally different. Make sure you mark your containers.

NOTE: Also, time and temperature create bubbles. So the hotter you go can create larger bubbles. On window/float glass the bubbles are much bigger than on 90 or 96 coe. The abstract round below is window glass and the background color is the same BA5051 Cerulean Blue. (Big difference in bubble size) Here are some other examples also.

I hope this helps you troubleshoot, Happy Painting!

This piece is window glass.


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