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What is Latex Mask?

A liquid latex product that is used to mask an area off to protect it from other products or create an area that has no color.

How to use Latex Mask:

An old brush is suggested for the application of the latex mask and should be conditioned with liquid soap.  This means that you will dampen the brush with water, blot out excess and then apply liquid soap to hairs of the brush.  With fingertips squeeze out excess.  Now, you are ready to apply 1 heavy coat or 2 coats if you are a light applicator.  When finished, use a paper towel and squeeze out excess mask into a paper towel, then rinse brush immediately with soap and water.

Latex Mask is milky in color when wet and will turn cream in color when dry.  It will be tacky to the touch.

If sensitive to smells or have allergies you should be aware that the Latex Mask has an ammonia smell to it.  It should be used in a well-ventilated area because of the smell.

Use of Latex Mask:

Latex Mask can be used on greenware, bisque or on top of any of the CFE Matt glazes to mask off an area or protect a pattern.  Do color application.

Removal of Latex Mask:

Latex Mask should be removed as soon as the color application is complete.  It is recommended that any color on top of the mask either be removed with a damp Q-tip or mist the area with water and then remove the mask to eliminate chipping of color around the mask.

Using a Needle Tool or Cleaning Tool tip, lift a corner and pull up the mask.  If you have a lot of color on top of the mask you may want to remove over a trashcan to catch all the crumbs.

Latex Mask does NOT burn off, it is a mask that needs to be removed before firing.


It can be used on greenware to protect an area so that a wipe away or clay carve technique can be done.  You would protect an area with the Latex Mask and then with a silk sponge and water that has a little bit of vinegar in it starts at the center of the mask area wipe across the mask and down onto the greenware and it will start to gradually wipe the greenware away.  This technique should be done on ware that is cast heavy.  Continue to wipe until the desired thickness is achieved.


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