Resist Jewelry

This technique is done on 96 COE Opal  Black glass. 2 pieces 1 1/2” x 2” of thin black are recommended.

Click below to download a PDF file that has patterns, instructions, and photos!

Resist Jewelry 2021


CFE Glass Enamel Colors/Products

Any color combination can be used.

Etchall Resist Gel

 455-1 CFE Class Brush Liner  

Needle Tool
1 oz. Piping Bottle/Yellow Tip                 
Mister Bottle for water

  1. Clean glass with vinegar.
  2. Transfer pattern using red saral. Lay saral between glass and pattern with the chalky side down.  Use a pencil or stylus to trace over the pattern of your choice.
    The pattern can be free-handed also.
  3. Place some of the Etchall Resist in 1oz. Piping bottle. Attach the yellow tip. Squeeze out the resist all over the pattern lines.  Allow to dry.  You are applying the resist where you don’t want the color.
  4. Color Application: With liner brush flood color in solid in areas or you can marbleize, blend, etc.  Allow to dry a little but not completely.  It is easier to remove the resist when the color is damp to avoid chipping off of color. 
  5. Pull off the resist with a needle tool or toothpick to lift a corner. It is easier and less chipping if the color is damp.  Spray with a mister staying 6” back from the piece.  Be sure and tilt the piece forward over a trash can or paper towel to catch any crumbs.  Don’t let any of the resist lines fall back on the damp color or it could transfer one color to another area you don’t want it.
  6. Stack the 2 pieces of glass with the design one on the top. Place on thin fire paper and fire as shown in the schedule.

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