PGM-300 12″ Rimmed Bowl

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12″ Rimmed Bowl glass mold.  Manufactured by “Petro Mold Company” for Colors for Earth.

  • Package single or in cases of 2.
  • Mold is designed for a 12″ round glass.
  • Feet elevate the mold to help with heat distribution.
  • High quality, heavy duty and durable mold
  • Unique dome foot created by mold design. (See photos below)
  • We recommend that you spray with MR97/Zyp mold release spray.
  • If firing in a 6″ high kiln chamber we recommend that you place the mold on the floor of the kiln.  If placed on a shelf, your piece will be too close to the elements and fire unevenly.

Recommended Firing Schedule (Paragon Fusion 14 Brick Kiln)

If in a 14″ kiln I recommend that you place the mold directly on the floor of the kiln when firing.  Otherwise it is too close to the top elements.


Below are photos of the mold:  Top view, side view and bottom view.


Below are photos of glass pieces created with this mold.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 in
Single Mold

Packaged Single Mold


3 Pack for Studios/Production


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