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Colors for Earth is proud to announce that we are a distributor of Unique Glass Colors “Layering Mix”.  This product has been tested is compatible with CFE Enamels.

Q: What is Layering Mix?

First of all, it is NOT our regular “GM300 Glass Medium” so please do not confuse the two products. We call this product “artist or technique dependent” as it really all depends on what effect is desired!

Layering Mix is a liquid that when added to Colors for Earth powdered enamels and will allow you to:
• When mixed with CFE Enamels and applied to glass and let dry 24 hours it is a base to do brushstrokes on with “CC’s” Color Concentrates. (These will need to be sifted with clear powdered frit to make it food safe.
• Turn any of our enamel colors (that do not contain bits of grit) into Outline Colors when mixed thicker and put in our “Piping Kits”
• Give texture and dimension to any of our powdered colors.
• Allow multiple layers of color to be added to a project without the need of firing between layers
• Mix with frit that dries rock hard to create designs with varying heights of texture that are then able to be decorated with liquid colors without the frit moving. Frit mixed with Layering Mix can be stored for later use as long as it is kept damp in an airtight container.
• Layering Mix is available only in 8-ounce bottles.

Q: How do you use Layering Mix?

Number One Rule – do not let it dry in your brush! Remember the above comment on drying rock hard!
• Start with a ratio of 1:1 and adjust the thickness by adding more powder until you have the desired consistency.
• For an opaque basecoat, apply with a soft brush and allow to dry 24 hours before adding wet color on top.
• For Outline Colors, we suggest a ratio of 1 part Layering Mix to 2 parts powdered colors. Outlining can be done with a brush or with our Piping Bottle with Tip (do not store with the tip on the bottle – remember the rock hard comment!). Could also be used for faux stringers.
• For palette knife work, keep adding powder until the mixture peaks or is as stiff as desired. 
• The colors may have small pinholes when applied but that fires out or gets covered by subsequent layers of color.
• Mixed colors can be stored for later use in an airtight container.  CFE does sell 2 ounce and 4-ounce jars and lids that are perfect for this since they are the same size jars in which our colors are packaged. Just mark it with an LM so you know it was mixed with Layering Mix and not our regular Medium.

Q: How do you add a “painterly look” with additional layers?

Be sure your base layer has dried for 24 hours. Using CFE Sumi Brushes or liners, pick up the new color and tap it into the darkest area of the shading, wipe the brush, pick up some Layering Mix or water, grab the edge of the wet color, pull it out and fade it to nothing. Let dry and repeat as many times as need to get the desired effect.

For glazing/wash on color – thin with more Layering Mix or pick up Layering Mix in your brush and then pick up color and apply color to the middle of the area and feather out to nothing. Or wipe the brush, add Layering Mix or water and fade the edges. Let dry and repeat as many times as needed to get the desired effect.

Use brushes, palette knives or your fingers!

Q: How do you fire projects using Layering Mix?

As in any other technique, that will depend on the thickness of the piece, the type of glass, your kiln and the “look” you are trying to achieve. The hotter you fire, the flatter the color will be, although it will always still have some dimension. We recommend 1425F – 1550F on the glass to be sure our colors mature, testing in your own kiln is recommended as the colors need to be shiny to be matured. If the color is still matte, it has not been fired hot enough. However, we have found that with Layering Mix we can go to 1380 on COE 96 and be bright and shiny!

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