G304 Graphite Grey


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Packaged in 25 gram/1 oz., 2 oz.,  4 oz. and pint jars available.

Glass Colors:  Colors for Earth has 39 colors that are lead-free (non-toxic) and we have 2 colors that have a health warning.  These colors are vibrant just like our translucent underglaze color line.  The names and numbers of the glass line coordinate with our current product line so that you can easily create your glass projects to match your ceramic ones.

They are in a powder formula that is mixed with our GM-300 Glass Color Medium.  By mixing with medium it will insure an opaque glossy finish.  The 39 colors are non-toxic/food safe.  Do not use the 2 colors that have a health warning on any surface that will be in touch with food or drink.

The colors can be used on most types of glass including COE 90, COE 96, Stained Glass as well as float (window) glass.  They also can be used as an overglaze on glazed ceramic pieces.  We have a Black Outline and White Outline which will allow you to create different looks.

When the colors are thinned they can be brushed, sponged, airbrushed or applied with a piping bottle or Gizmo.  The dry colors can also be sifted over the glass for different techniques.

Firing is cone 015-016 or from 1380º to 1560º in a ceramic or a glass kiln. Every kiln is different, so we recommend that you test fire your kiln.  Our glass colors hold their color to a much higher temperature when used on ceramic or porcelain bisque.

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