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etchall® resist gel is a water-based gel that enables you to create your own unique designs without using a stencil.

etchall® resist gel forms a protective barrier against etchall® etching crème or etchall® dip ‘n etch. This barrier acts as a resist preventing the surface from being etched. etchall resist can be squeezed directly from the fine-tip bottle, brushed evenly onto glass, or you can use the etchall designer pen tips. etchall resist gel appears opaque green when wet, but dries clear. Drying time depends on the thickness of the application.

To draw a design, simply squeeze the etchall® resist onto a clean glass surface. This design, drawn with the etchall® resist gel, will be the un-etched portion of the glass; also known as the negative etch. Let the etchall resist gel dry completely and then apply etchall® etching crème as directed. Remove the etchall® etching crème according to the directions on the bottle, rinse under running water, and peel the dry resist gel from the surface. Discard the used etchall® resist gel and rinse the object again.

etchall® resist gel can be squeezed directly from the fine tip bottle, brushed evenly onto the glass, or applied with etchall® designer tips. You can use etchall® resist gel on flat, curved, or uneven surfaces.

Available Size: 4 fl. oz 118 ml


May be used with:

  • Glass Enamels
  • Ceramic Underglazes, etc.

Re-usable: NO

Disposal: Will not harm plumbing. Flush with plenty of water.

Other items you may need
For finer lines, you can use our PIP1OZ Piping kit which has finer tips to create smaller lines for design work.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in


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