CGE585 Clear Blue Speck


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There are 30 colors called “Glaze Elements” by Colors for Earth.  The Glaze Elements are vivid,  NON TOXIC glazes applied to bisque.  These non-moving glazes provide smooth coverage and can be applied side-by-side for controlled application.

With Soft Fan Glaze Brush apply 3 coats to bisque of most of the glazes, matt glazes are 3-4 coats unless otherwise specified on the label, allowing to dry between coats.  Whether you are looking for a semi-transparent, gloss, matt or a designer contemporary glaze you will find what you need in the Glaze Elements line.  Look for specific firing directions on product labels.                          

What is a coat of glaze? This really varies ceramist by ceramist. We recommend using a fully loaded natural hair fan brush for application. Drying between coats makes a difference too. If you are cheating a bit and not letting the glaze crust between coats, your 3 coats could be the equivalent of 2 1/2 coats. We all do this sometimes when we are in a hurry, but beware that the results will differ when you don’t follow the rules exactly no matter what opaque glazes you use. BUT If you use a synthetic (man-made) hair glaze brush as your preference for glazing you will need to consider applying 4 coats to achieve the same coverage as a natural hair-brush.

Firing: The perfect firing range for the Glaze Elements is 05/06. Cone 05 will give you better results. The term 05/06 means a cone 05 in the sitter if your kiln is a cone sitter model equals a cone 06 on the shelf. (Information from The Orton Cone Foundation).

But if you are using cone 06, be sure to put that 20-minute hold at the end of the firing cycle. If you do not have a current cone chart, download one from the Orton web site. The temperatures on the charts have changed in the past 10 years, because of a change in the clay body of the cones. By downloading a current firing chart, you will make sure you are firing to temperature.

Orton also makes ‘05 1/2’ cones that can be used in a manual kiln sitter to achieve a witness Cone 06 with a 20-minute hold on the shelf. If the cone 05 is too hot then the 05 1/2 may be the answer.

Available in 4oz., Pints, and Gallons.

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