Ceramic Hobby Package

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This kit includes:

41-Color Concentrates 1oz. size (These will work on both earthenware and stoneware/porcelain)
1-Pint CSP01 Gloss Medium NT Clear (Cone 06 Glaze)
1-Pint CSP20 Terra Firma (Cone 06 product)
1-8oz. CSP02 Designer Glaze Medium (Cone 06 Glaze)
1-8oz. CSP03 Matt Medium (Clear Matt Glaze) (Cone 06 Glaze)
1-4oz. CGE501 Black Patent Glaze (Cone 06 Glaze)
1-4oz. CGE502 Ultra White Glaze (Cone 06 Glaze)
1-4oz. CGE590 Potters Stone Buff Glaze (Cone 06 Glaze)
1-4oz. CSP30 Neutral(white) Clay Dimensions (Cone 06 product)
1-4oz. CSP31 Black Clay Dimensions (Cone 06 product)
1 Dimensional Piping Kit
1 Product Manual
1 Wood Tray

These 41 bright-fired colors can be used straight from the bottle on greenware or bisque.   Called “Color Concentrates” by Colors for Earth because they are pure pigment suspended in a gel base, making the application velvety smooth. Color Concentrates are extremely versatile and are great for one-stroke painting and detail work.  These should be covered with transparent or clear glaze by brushing or dipping and fire to cone 05-06.

Imagination is your only limit, use them in majolica work, or thin slightly for airbrushing, (no straining needed). NON-TOXIC and food-safe, CC’s are kid-friendly and perfect for finger painting, antiquing, or hand painting on bisque, stamping, bubble painting, and more!

Firing range from 04 to cone 6 high-fire

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 14 in


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