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There are 41 bright fired translucent underglaze colors that can be used straight from the bottle on greenware or bisque.   Called “Color Concentrates” by Colors for Earth, because they are pure pigment suspended in a gel base, making application velvety smooth.  Color Concentrates are extremely versatile and are great for one stroke painting and detail work.  These should be covered with transparent or clear glaze by brushing or dipping and fire to cone 05-06.

Imagination is your only limit, use them in majolica work, or thin slightly for airbrushing, (no straining needed). NON-TOXIC and food safe, CC’s are kid-friendly and perfect for finger painting, antiquing or hand painting on bisque, stamping, bubble painting and more!

They can also be used on glass for different techniques (precautions are taken) see glass enamel below.

Firing range from 04 to cone 6 high-fire

Available in 1oz., 2oz. and Pints.

Information on using CC’s on Glass:

Color Concentrates (CC’s) may be used to detail and enhance the fired glass enamels with specific techniques.  The concentrates should be thinned with water to apply over the dry glass enamels on projects to result in a glossy finish.  Applied in its purest form directly on the glass enamels can result in a matte or semi-gloss textured finish.

Color Concentrates applied directly to a glass surface will result in a matte and non-food safe finish.  It must either be capped or applied on top of the glass enamel color to be food safe.

Techniques include: 

  • Watercolor washes for shading.
  • Fine detailing (i.e. hair, fur, feathers, small detailing)
  • Sponged
  • Stamped
  • Spattered
  • Airbrushed
  • Stenciled
  • Brushed on for backgrounds.
  • Brushstrokes
  • Stamping and Brushstrokes on Thinfire Paper fused between glass.

When applying watercolor type washes and details on top of the dry glass enamel colors the application of the water reconstitutes and darkens the underlying glass enamel so it is very important not to move the brush back and forth over the application.  This may result in the movement and even removal of the glass color from the glass surface.  Plan your approach, apply the color and allow it to dry completely.  An additional application of the concentrate may be applied once an area is dry again.  The color that is applied on top of glass enamels will “bloom” or diffuse slightly and will appear much darker than the actual application.  If the Color Concentrates are not capped with glass they are not food safe and are a matt finish and could scratch off.  It is recommended that you cap with clear sheet glass or sift with clear powdered frit.

Things to remember:

  • It can be applied over dry enamels.
  • It can be applied directly to the glass with precautions.
  • Clean edges.  If CC’s are all the way to the edge and the top glass is not larger they will cause the glass not to seal in that area.  Cut top glass slightly larger than bottom glass.
  • Sift clear powdered frit between to help eliminate bubbles.
  • Cap with clear
  • Made for ceramics originally.
  • They are a pure pigment in a gel base and congeal in the bottle.  They need to be shaken up vigorously so that they are ready to use.*  Color can be set at 1225 with a 20-minute hold so you can come back and work on top.
  • These are NOT enamels, they are translucent underglazes made for ceramics originally.
  • They are a pure pigment in a gel base and congeal in the bottle.  They need to be shaken up vigorously so that they are ready to use.  Darker colors tend to be much thicker and they may require a  drop or two of water.
  • When using for brush strokes and loading 2 colors on the brush at the same time, both colors need to be the same consistency.  So, if one is thicker than the other you need to thin the other to the same consistency.
  • Remember the CFE numbering system, if you used G361 to flood in an area, don’t use CC161 to detail or shade with.  Same pigment in both colors so you need to go a shade lighter or darker depending on your technique.
  • Refer to firing schedules when using these directly on glass or thinfire paper.  It will make a difference and will help with bubble control.

Shown here is the CC’s on Glass!

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