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Debbi Elmer’s “Ink technique” is now available on DVD.  This DVD includes:

  • 90 Minutes of video
  • Stamping
  • Ink technique with Stamps
  • Pattern Ink work
  • History of Ink work
  • Background choices
  • Patterns
  • Firing Schedule and more

Suggested supplies to purchase here on the CFE website:

  • #GJars-6 or GJar-1 – Shallow glass jars
  • #Pen/Nib Set – Quill pen set is a necessity for this technique
  • Flexible Rubber Stamps – (Debbi also likes to include stamping as an outline and then finishes up with the quill pen for ink color work. )
  • Dotting Tools Kit – (is great to ink with on larger areas)

Add these items to your cart today.  So you are ready to follow along with Debbi and add ink work to your glass work today!

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