New 9-2021 Color Concentrates/CC Enhancer Flyers

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9-2021 CFE Color Concentrates & Enhancers

  • New flyers that you can download that show the color of each Color Concentrate and how they look.
  • Stamped
  • Brushstrokes
  • Quill Penwork
  • Capped and Uncapped

Color Concentrates (CC’s) are pure pigment suspended in a gel base that helps facilitate the application of color.  They are manufactured as a translucent underglaze on greenware or bisque in the ceramics industry.  The Glass Enhancement Color Concentrate kits (CCGKIT#1 & #2) consist of 14 of the most popular colors in 1 & 2-ounce squeeze bottles, Kit #3 is the (CCGKIT#3) is the remainder of the CC’s.

Color Concentrates (CC’s) may be used to detail and enhance the fired glass enamels with specific techniques.  The concentrates should be thinned with water to apply over the dry glass enamels on projects to result in a glossy finish.  Applied in its purest form directly on the glass enamels can result in a matte or semi-gloss textured finish.

Color Concentrates applied directly to a glass surface to thin will burn off in the firing process.  It must either be capped or applied on top of the glass enamel color.  You can stamp on firing paper or glass, use the ink technique and do brushstrokes.  They must be capped to be food safe.  Some of the pinks and purples burn out, see the chart. (See website under “CC Enhancers” for more details) 

Firing range from 1225-2020 degrees

Available in 1oz., 2oz. and Pints.

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