Prismatic Textured Sand on Glass




Basic information on the “Prismatic Textured Sand” technique on glass.

  • Using Color Strokes on the “Prismatic Textured Sand” mixture.
  • Color Strokes are a opaque underglaze made for our ceramic side of the business but can be used for this technique as described in the video.
  • Color Concentrates can also be used if you want a stronger color value.
  • Learn how to mix up the base for this technique and create a textured enamel pour.
  • The Prismatic Sand give an extra shimmer on the surface of the glass as well as the size frit you choose to put over it.
  • If you want a smooth look and no texture you can sift 2 coats of powdered frit over your design and full fuse.  Sometimes a 2nd coat of powdered clear frit and another fuse may be required if still rough.
  • This is not a food safe technique if using the different sizes of frit.
  • If you full fuse and have a smooth surface you have a food safe surface.
  • All sizes of frit/glass can be used for different effects.  See below.

This shows the different steps.  Painting, Powdered Clear frit and then the desired frit for the texture.

If you would like the PDF on this project and the video you can find it here for purchase. PDF & Video Download

Hydrangea Pattern only download.

Free unedited video below!