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Christmas ornaments

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Learn how to do Paula McCoy’s Advanced Christmas Ornaments with Colors for Earth Piping Paste and Plaid FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylics on plastic or glass ornaments.

  • Paula shares the tips and tricks that she has learned after doing 100’s of these ornaments.
  • This class is a 3-hour Zoom class recording.
  • Piping Paste Ornament, Pansy, and Peacock Eye Ornaments will be completed in this class.
  • This class will teach you the basic steps to doing ornaments like these shown below.
  • Learn about design.
  • Learn about how to create a smooth flow of your design.
  • Brush tips and tricks and more!
  • There is a “Beginner Class” also available, we recommend that you have this class first.
  • PDF file of Supplies needed.
  • PDF of instructions.
  • Stroke worksheet
  • Prep Video included

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