GT Series (Toxic)

GT Series”
These colors are leaded and not recommended for food surfaces.

  • Kiln needs to be well vented up to 900-1100 degrees.
  • If using a kiln that has had other things in it besides glass, such as copper based glazes and materials it could affect the out come of the colors.  They may turn grey or smoky looking.
  • Apply even coverage.
  • Allow to dry before firing.

What types of glass can I use with “G”, “BA”, “GS” “GO” and “GT’s” Series colors?
The colors can be used on most types of glass including:

  • COE 90
  • COE 96
  • Float (window) glass.
  • They also can be used as an overglaze on glazed ceramic pieces.  When planning to use with fired ceramic glaze surface, testing is recommended.


  • If color is chalky or dull then it is probably under fired.
  • If color crawls or pulls away from outline then it is probably too heavy.
  • Some glass cleaners or not enough ventilation, will leave a residue on glass that can cause colors to be  grey.