Monochromatic Ceramic Pumpkin Plate








This can be done on stoneware (cone 5/6) or ceramic (cone 04/06).

Color Concentrates                                 3600-2 Liner Brush                                   #2000-4KB Round
CC150 Light Cerulean                                 Small and Medium Sumi Brushes           #620-3 Spotter
CC151 Cerulean Blue                                   #5200-8 Square Shader
CC152 Deep Cerulean                                 Pouncer Sponge, 1” Foam Brush
                                                                        #6 Fan Glaze Brush

Fall Leaf Stamps from (Mike Harbridge-Learned Fired  We have stamps but not these fall leaves.

CSP01 Gloss Medium NT Clear is added  50/50 to the CC’s to make them easier to blend one color into another.

Depending on the surface you are working on, use the appropriate clear glaze.

Here is the pattern PDF Monochromatic Ceramic Pumpkin Plate by Paula McCoy2022.