Bubble Painting with Ceramic Products

Recently there was a video posted of some one painting with bubbles with their glazes.  We have been doing this for years.  Here is a sheet you can print out for your reference.

Mix 2 Tablespoons color(Color Concentrates or Color Strokes), 2 Tablespoons water together. To this mixture add 1 drops of dish detergent. Stir thoroughly.

Using the plastic straw, place it in the color mixture and blow gently to create bubbles.

Once you have achieved a mound of bubbles over the top of the cup, remove the straw and press the piece of bisque gently into the bubble mass.

Or you might try rolling your bisque into the bubbles.. it creates a nice effect with a bigger bubble pattern.

Work your way around the bisque, much as you would if you were sponging.

Glazes could be used also.  Here is a link to the PDF File bubble technique.

Here is a article that was published in 2012 Fired Arts and Crafts by one our color dealers Tricia Hardy using the technique.  HorsePitcherTriciaHardyFeb2012


Have fun and enjoy!