Aged Metal Rust

Aged Metal is an application technique. The finished surface is a semi-rough matt. There can be elements of a satin finish in areas. This is a water tight glaze surface.

This application is perfect for any ware that would lend itself to an antique metal finish. A warm rusty patina for garden pieces… planters.. frames, boxes, jardinières, etc.

The following is a color guide and instructions to produce Rust.

Colors You Will Need:

CGE580 Milk Chocolate
Color Concentrates

CC186 Burnt Sienna
CC180 Burnt Umber
CC116 Florida Orange
CC162 Laurel Green

1. Begin with 04 bisque

2. Apply 2 coats of CGE580 Milk Chocolate

3. Mix 1 part CGE580 Milk Chocolate to 1 part CSP20 Terra Firma. Mix well . If you are unsure of mixing and measuring “simple mixes” see the Guide to Simple Mixes.

4. With a wool sponge apply one coat over the entire piece. You are trying to achieve “texture” so make sure you do not pounce too hard to flatten your texture out completely.

5. Warning.. Do not dry the last step with a hair dryer. As soon as it is dry to the touch you can proceed with the next steps.

6. On a tile place the CC186 Burnt Sienna and a smaller amount of the CC180 Burnt Umber

7. Using a Silk Sponge load with the CC186 Burnt Sienna and tip an area of the sponge with CC180 Burnt Umber. Begin pouncing your first coat. DO NOT TRY TO BLEND THE TWO COLORS TOGETHER. There should be a distinction. Much more Burnt Sienna than Burnt Umber. Work your way around the entire surface. DO NOT TRY FOR SOLID COVER that will blend the colors. Sponge closely but move on… there is more to come.

8. Apply another sponged coat of CC186 Burnt Sienna only over any open areas and over the first layer of Burnt Sienna. Leave the Burnt Umber exposed. ( NOTE if you feel you want to eliminate some of the darkness… you can cover some of the Burnt Umber with this sponging of Burnt Sienna.) This is also the time to add some areas of Laurel Green… if you want. A little goes a long way here. A dab or two; in areas where the Burnt Umber and the Burnt Sienna meet.

9. Beginning with a clean tile, place some CC116 Florida Orange out. Using the silk sponge apply color in random areas… THIS IS THE BRIGHT RUST.. So how wide of an area you cover is up to you. On my samples above I prefer option two. But it’s your piece. You will have to repeat the Florida Orange application twice trying to duplicate your first sponging. This really deepens that bright rust.

10. In Option 2 above I used a fully loaded liner in orange and let the color drip as I moved the brush. This gives a new dimension to the appearance of the rusty look.

Allow the ware to dry. Stilt and fire to cone 06.