Strawberry Tile (Brushstrokes)

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 Cost $14.95


Are you a beginner wanting to learn some brushstrokes? Or, maybe you need to sharpen your brushstroke skills, then this is the webinar for you.

  • Paula will show you some basic brush strokes.
  • How to blend colors
  • Double loading
  • “Wedge” stroke
  • “Ripple” or “M” Stroke
  • Sumi Shading
  • Pressure Stroke
  • And fine lining!
  • This is a 40-minute webinar packed with Paula’s tips and tricks to help you create beautiful brushstrokes!
  • This project is done on ceramic greenware with Color Concentrates but the information can be applied to any medium you work in (Glass, Ceramic, Acrylics, etc.)
  • Bring practice paper and your Color Concentrates and practice with me and let me help you with your brushstrokes!
  • We will have a Q&A period so bring your notebooks and pens to jot down anything you would like to ask during those periods!