CSP70 Relief Motif




This product has been discontinued!

Relief Motif is a textured, stand-up glaze that is white in color with a wide firing range from glass to porcelain/stoneware.

  • Not recommended for food surfaces.
  • 2-ounce jars

Like a lot of our other products, you can tint it, color it on top, or shade it.

Firing Ranges:

  • Ceramic—Cone 04-06
  • Porcelain/Stoneware—Cone 5-6
  • Glass—Cone 015-018
  • China Blanks—Cone 015-018

Application Suggestions:

  • Brush
  • Tool

Can be Tinted with:

  • Color Concentrates
  • CFE Fired Glass Powders

Can be Shaded with:

  • Color Concentrates
  • Color Strokes

Ceramic Uses:

  • Greenware or Cone 04 Bisque.
  • Color Strokes are recommended as a background for greenware or bisque. This will seal the piece and produce a water-tight surface.
  • On top of Matt Glazes.
  • Used for textured design on vases, picture frames, figurines, boxes, etc.

We do NOT recommend glazing over Relief Motif.

NOTE:  The texture height is determined by the amount you put on the piece.  What you see is what you get.

 China Blanks can also be used with the “Relief Motif”. 

  • Wash and dry china blank.
  • Watercolor markers can be used to sketch patterns on pieces.
  • Flower petals are a 50/50 mix of CSP70 Relief Motif and CC136 Purple Sage.  Applied to piece with #3 round brush, 1 coat.
  • The grass is a 50/50 mix of CSP70 Relief Motif and CC161 Green Leaf. With a brush apply 1 coat around the mug.
  • Leaves to flower are done with a 50/50 mix of CSP01 Gloss Medium and CC161 Green Leaf. This will give these areas a gloss look.
  • Dot flowers can be added with a purple relief motif mix for another type of flower.
  • With liner and CC101 Cobalt Black mixed 50/50 with CSP01 Gloss Medium create, ground lines, detail leaves, add lines on flower and dots in the center of the flower.

NOTE:  Keep the design away from the area that your mouth will touch.

Working on glass with the “Relief Motif”.

  • Outline pattern.
  • Decide which part of the design is going to be done in the Relief Motif.
  • For the design on the right, the buds of the flowers and the dot accents are done in the Relief Motif.
  • On the glass, you can either use straight from the jar for white designs or tint the Relief Motif with either the Color Concentrates or the Fired Glass Powders. Remember you are adding color to a white base so it will lighten the final color.
  • Fill in other areas of your design with your fired glass colors.
  • The buds here were Relief Motif tinted with CC132 Deep Cranberry. And sumi shaded with pure Deep Cranberry at the ends when dry.
  • The green ends of the buds are a 50/50 mix of Relief Motif and G361 Green Leaf glass color powder. 1 coat.
  • Dot accents are the Relief Motif straight from the jar. 1 coat.

The Colors for Earth fired system allows you to use our translucent underglazes; Color Concentrates to tint the Relief Motif and use it on glass combined with our fired glass colors.

TIP:  Even though Color Concentrates are products designed for ceramic surfaces we can use them in combination on glass because they are a pure pigment in a gel base.

This product can be reconstituted by adding a little water and letting it absorb and stir.  Add a few drops at a time until it mixes freely.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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