ClayShareCon 2022

These techniques were shared on ClayShareCon 2022 live broadcasts on February 26th and 27th 2022 See all the videos below related to these projects and more! Download the PDF file here for the pattern!  ClayShareCon 2022           Here are the links to the ClayShare videos and my follow-up videos.

Pumpkin Trio

Facebook Live 7-27-21 Pumpkin Trio Patterns Click here to see the YouTube video on this project!           Color Strokes CS602 White CS612 Red Alert CS618 Pumpkin CS623 Buttercup CS625 Saffron CS632 Deep Crimson CS652 Deep Cerulean CS655 Ocean Blue Green CS657 Jade CS661 Leaf Green CS662 Vine Green CS681 Nutmeg CS687 Read more »