Burnt Umber


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There are 41 bright fired translucent underglaze colors that can be used straight from the bottle on greenware or bisque.   Called “Color Concentrates” by Colors for Earth, because they are pure pigment suspended in a gel base, making application velvety smooth.  Color Concentrates are extremely versatile and are great for one stroke painting and detail work.  These should be covered with transparent or clear glaze by brushing or dipping and fire to cone 05-06.

Imagination is your only limit, use them in majolica work, or thin slightly for airbrushing, (no straining needed). NON-TOXIC and food safe, CC’s are kid friendly and perfect for finger painting, antiquing or hand painting on bisque, stamping, bubble painting and more!

They can also be used on glass for different techniques (precautions taken) see glass enamels page.

Firing range from 04 to cone 6 high-fire

Available in 1oz., 2oz. and Pints.

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